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Rubber (Tyre/Non Tyre)

At Associated Rubber Chemicals(Kochi) Pvt.Ltd., with the long years of experience and the strong R&D Division we are able to supply any product for the Rubber Industry. You name it and WE will supply it.

Sourced and Marketed

Natural rubber(RSS IX, PLC IX, PLC III, RSS IV, RSS V )
Speciality Latex
Surfactants like Alfodet L46, ALPHOX 200, PEG 200, etc
Carbon Black
Carnoba Wax
Castor Oil
CI Resin
Di-cumayil Peroxide
Magnesium Oxide (Light)
Accelerators and Antioxidants
Paraffin Wax
Phenolic Resin (All grades)
Reclaim Rubber
RGS Powder
Synthetic Rubbers (EPDM, NBR, Silicon SBR, UITON)
Stearic Acid
Silicon Oil
Silicon Emulsion E41M
Wood Rosin
Zinc Stearate

Our Own Products

Zinc Oxide
Tyre Polish
Tread Marking Ink
Tackstick/ Drumstick
Stearic Stick
Silicon Emulsion
Silicon Defoamer
Moulded and extruded rubber products

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