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The Assochem Group was started in the year 1990. We have two factories. One unit is engaged in the manufacture of Zinc Oxide White Seal, Zinc Oxide I.P grade, Silicon Defoamer, Emulsions, Moulded and Extruded Rubber products etc. The other factory produces Specialty Rubber Chemicals, Tread Marking Inks, Innerlube, Tackstick, various Rubber Chemical Dispersions and a host of other rubber compounds.

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Through our ability to meet international standards, we export many products to various overseas customers. We always strive for higher quality improvements and customer services through our in- house Research & Development efforts and listening to the customers in time, on time and every time.

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Corporate Office:
Assochem Chambers, Bypass, Edapally,
Kochin-682024, Kerala, India.
Phones : +91 484 2332134, 2331768, 2339190
Fax: +91 484 2348028
e-mail : nsn@assochem.in, marketing@assochem.in, mail@assochem.in

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